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Klinefelter's syndrome is a fairly common yet often unrecognized condition. Recent statistics show that about one in 450 boys is born with an extra X chromosome, XXY is the most common sex chromosome anomaly. The symptoms are varied and often nonspecific. Sometimes not present at all, but nearly all KS men are sterile. Many men are diagnosed only when fertility issues arise. Learning and behavior issues are common in boys born XXY. In this website we have published articles and added links to help educate and inform the people who are affected.

XXY47 Klinefelters Syndrome is a Non Profit Organisation.
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Discussing Klinefelters Syndrome

Discussing Klinefelter Syndrome
- Cape Town TV 2014
Klinefelters Syndrome affects physical and cognitive development. It also impacts social skills and self esteem.

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Klinefelters syndrome is a chromosomal anomaly where boys are born with 1 extra X chromosome.
Boys have small under-developed testes which cannot produce sufficient testosterone.
This causes a number of secondary symptoms.

Drs. Marit Bierman. Getting Through the Day: The Impact of Klinefelter Syndrome on Psychological Functioning

Getting Through the Day:
The Impact of Klinefelter Syndrome on
Psychological Functioning.

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What is Klinefelter's Syndrome - A video by Andrology Australia

What is Klinefelter's Syndrome:
A video by Andrology Australia

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Links to information on Klinefelters Syndrome.


Driving with my X

A road trip around South Africa as an awareness campaign to educate doctors and health practitioners at several hospitals about Klinefelters Syndrome. A syndrome that is rarely diagnosed and often overlooked. Leaflets will be dropped off.

To reach the right people in person and ultimately make a difference in the hope that this will educate health practitioners to be aware that this Syndrome is not misdiagnosed.

Funds will be used for:

Petrol: R6000 Accomm : 30 nights @ R900/night = R27 000 Food : 30 days @ R400 / day = R12 000 Incidentals: R10 000


Links to the Klinefelter Syndrome Global Support Group.


Knowledge Support and Action.


Voice of advocacy in genetics.


Klinefelter Syndrome Australia Inc.

Cape Talk Radio

Talking about Klinefelters Syndrome.

Living With My X

The True Story of One Man and a Rogue Chromosome.


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