Welcome to XXY47

Welcome to XXY47

Klinefelter's syndrome is a fairly common yet often unrecognized condition. Recent statistics show that about one in 450 boys is born with an extra X chromosome, XXY is the most common sex chromosome anomaly. The symptoms are varied and often nonspecific. Sometimes not present at all, but nearly all KS men are sterile. Many men are diagnosed only when fertility issues arise. Learning and behavior issues are common in boys born XXY. In this website we have published articles and added links to help educate and inform the people who are affected.

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Discussing Klinefelter Syndrome
- Cape Town TV 2014
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Getting Through the Day:
The Impact of Klinefelter Syndrome on Psychological Functioning
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Klinefelters is about being born with an extra X chromosome, symptoms are lack of confidence, learning problems, concentration, sterility, etc...
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A presentation by clinical neuropsychologist Marit Bierman during the 2009 KS&A Families' Conference for X and Y Chromosome Variations.